Cover Orange: Journey

Cover Orange: Journey
The Oranges have made a comeback! Dive into the latest installment of Cover Orange with brand-new, laugh-out-loud puzzles.

The dreaded acid rain cloud is on the hunt for your oranges, and it's up to you to shield them! Carefully navigate through each level, strategically placing a variety of objects to construct safe havens, crack puzzles, and celebrate your oranges' narrow escapes!

Demonstrate your cleverness across 300 challenging levels, armed with bombs, dynamite, trampolines, fans, and even lasers! Embark on a journey across different eras and settings, including medieval times, hidden pirate treasures, cowboy encampments, and the realm of gangsters!

Customization adds a delightful touch to the game allowing you to dress up your Orange in comical costumes, including a knight's helmet, pirate tattoos, or even arming it with a futuristic space gun! Imagine the fun and giggles seeing your Orange decked out in these amusing accessories.
  • WASD / Mouse / Arrow Keys: Move Chest
  • Space: Drop Chest

WASD / Mouse / Arrow Keys: Move Chest
Space: Drop Chest