Duo Survival 2

Duo Survival 2
Duo Survival 2, created by 7Spot Games, is an immersive cooperative puzzle game that places teamwork at its core as players collaborate to navigate a world infested with zombies. In this sequel, players undertake the challenge of guiding two characters, each endowed with unique abilities, through a series of intricate puzzles and perilous environments. Tailored for pairs of players, it's an excellent choice for those seeking to share a gaming experience with a friend.

Gameplay centers on unraveling complex puzzles, discovering hidden chambers, and activating diverse mechanisms that demand effective coordination between both players. The relationship between the two characters is pivotal, with many puzzles and challenges requiring the specialized skills of one or both characters. This interdependence not only enhances engagement but also underscores the cooperative essence of the game.

Continuing the narrative of survival against overwhelming odds, "Duo Survival 2" sees our heroes embarking on a mission to discover a cure for the zombie plague. This storyline injects urgency and purpose into players’ decisions and actions. Progressing through the game introduces increasingly challenging obstacles that test both problem-solving acumen and teamwork proficiency.

Whether teaming up with a friend or another gamer, "Duo Survival 2" promises a thrilling and gratifying experience. Its blend of challenging puzzles, cooperative gameplay dynamics, and a gripping narrative makes it a standout title for enthusiasts of strategic thinking and collaborative play. Brace yourselves, unite, and delve into the zombie apocalypse to aid the heroes in their quest for survival and the elusive cure.
  • Move: A/D or Left/Right
  • Jump: W or Up
  • Kick / Throw Bottle: S or Down


Move: A/D or Left/Right
Jump: W or Up
Kick / Throw Bottle: S or Down