Duo Vikings

Duo Vikings
Duo Vikings immerses players in a cooperative 2D platforming adventure, guiding two bold Vikings through a vast fortress fraught with perilous traps. Cooperation is key as you merge the unique strengths of each character to conquer every level's exit. The smaller Viking excels in agility, leaping to great heights, maneuvering through tight spaces, and wielding a hammer to break select barriers. Conversely, the larger Viking relies on strength, capable of carrying their companion and utilizing a shield to hover momentarily in mid-air. As you progress, cunning archer adversaries attempt to impede your journey, requiring you to utilize the shield's defensive prowess to deflect incoming arrows and ensure your duo's safety. Duo Vikings promises an immersive adventure demanding cooperation and innovation for success, with challenges escalating in complexity as you advance. Explore the expansive castle across 20 levels, each brimming with riches awaiting discovery.
  • A / D / Left / Right: Move Around
  • W / Up: Jump
  • S / Down: Hit / Use

A / D / Left / Right: Move Around
W / Up: Jump
S / Down: Hit / Use