Duo Vikings 2

Duo Vikings 2
Duo Vikings 2 is an enthralling cooperative game from 7Spot Games, serving as the much-anticipated sequel to the first Duo Vikings puzzle game. This installment continues the saga of two Viking allies as they explore a series of new castles filled with ingeniously crafted levels and intricate obstacles.

Players have the option to venture through the game alone or partner with a friend for an enriched cooperative experience. The gameplay is built on teamwork, with puzzles designed to be tackled by two players in harmony. Coordinating efforts to trigger mechanisms, open gates, activate elevators, and demolish breakable barriers is key.

Every level is designed with precision to test the players' problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills. The environments are not only interactive but visually stunning, making the journey through each hall as enjoyable as it is challenging.

The ultimate aim is to secure a place in the legendary Valhalla, with each collaborative puzzle solved moving the Vikings closer to this esteemed goal. Duo Vikings 2 is ideal for those who relish a challenge and value the camaraderie and dynamic interaction of cooperative play. It offers a perfect mix of strategy, puzzle-solving, and action, ensuring hours of engaging teamwork and fun.
  • Move: A/D or Left/Right
  • Jump: W or Up
  • Hit / Use: S or Down

Move: A/D or Left/Right
Jump: W or Up
Hit / Use: S or Down