Football King

Football King
Football King delivers an electrifying soccer adventure packed with thrills and anticipation. Within this game, you're empowered to handpick your beloved player and tailor your team's banner, exhibiting your prowess and authority on the pitch.

Embark on the solo tournament mode, where you'll confront AI-powered teams, each presenting distinct challenges. Alternatively, indulge in the two-player mode, engaging in exhilarating clashes against your pals. Strive to net as many goals as possible, capitalizing on your reflexes and accuracy. Football King guarantees hours of amusement and an opportunity to showcase your mastery in the sport you adore!

With a roster of 20 distinct players, three are initially accessible at no cost. To access additional players, you can invest 300 coins for some and 600 coins for others. The greater the expense, the swifter and more adept the player becomes during matches, furnishing a tactical edge as you advance through the game.
  • Arrow Keys: Move Around
  • Space: Shoot
  • B: Super Shoot

Arrow Keys: Move Around
Space: Shoot
B: Super Shoot