Idle Farm: Harvest Empire

Idle Farm: Harvest Empire
Welcome to your new farm in Idle Farm: Harvest Empire! Here, you'll develop your land, cultivate various crops, and work toward building a thriving farm empire.

Idle Farm: Harvest Empire is an idle clicker game that puts you in charge of owning, managing, and expanding a remarkable farm business. The more crops you grow and harvest, the more money you'll earn. Invest your profits into enhancing and expanding your fields to increase your crop production. Plan strategically to realize the farm empire you've always wanted.

Managing everything alone can be tough, so why not hire farm managers to handle the day-to-day tasks? This way, you can sit back, relax with a cup of coffee, and watch as your farm flourishes with minimal effort. Utilize the expertise of your team to scale up production and maximize food output.

Tackle various objectives to upgrade your facilities and meet new challenges head-on. Earn manager cards and research points by completing tasks, which can be used to improve your facilities and cards further. Even when you're away, your farm keeps earning, thanks to your managers. For an extra boost, watch a short video ad to temporarily increase production and amplify your earnings. Enjoy building your empire in Idle Farm: Harvest Empire!
  • Mouse: Play

Mouse: Play