Neon Race

Neon Race
Enter the luminescent world of Neon Race, where every corner of the city is illuminated by vibrant neon lights! Race through the dazzling streets and demonstrate your speed prowess, surpassing even the velocity of light itself. Brace yourself for sharp turns, bustling traffic, and flashy roads, presenting a formidable challenge for even the most adept drivers. Seize the wheel and prove to the enthusiastic crowd that no obstacle can thwart your journey to the finish line!

Neon Race offers a thrilling racing experience across 8 levels, each featuring a unique race track. Your objective: complete each level with utmost speed. Achieve a commendable time score to unlock subsequent levels, maintaining maximum throttle throughout. Beware of the bustling neon city streets and highways, teeming with traffic from other drivers. Encounter two distinct vehicle types in each level: purple and red. Colliding with purple vehicles compromises your steering control, leading to crashes and potential explosions upon impact with roadside barriers. Recovery at high speeds poses a significant challenge. Conversely, striking red vehicles fills your turbo meter, enabling bursts of super speed when activated. Utilize turbo strategically, prioritizing sharp turns over collisions with purple vehicles. Throughout each level, collect three power-ups: cash coins for upgrading max speed, acceleration, brakes, wheels, and turbo; bonus score coins for extra points; and rampage tokens, rendering every vehicle smashable for a limited duration. Ascend as the fastest racer in the neon-lit city of Neon Race, smashing cars and striving to set new time score records for each level.
  • Up / W: Accelerate
  • Down / S: Brake
  • Left / Right: Steer Car
  • X / N: Use Turbo

Up / W: Accelerate
Down / S: Brake
Left / Right: Steer Car
X / N: Use Turbo