Neon Rider 2024

Neon Rider 2024
The revamped edition of the thrilling motorcycle racing game Neon Rider is here with a contemporary twist, promising even more excitement and accessibility across all platforms! Navigate your bike through vibrant neon tracks filled with exhilarating layouts, jaw-dropping jumps, and mind-bending loops. Utilize precise rotations to maneuver your machine along optimal paths, landing safely on two wheels to rack up points by executing dazzling tricks. With its user-friendly one-button gameplay, Neon Rider 2024 offers seamless control, granting riders immense freedom on the track. Progress through 25 increasingly spectacular levels, each presenting a new challenge that pushes your skills to the limit. Embark on a electrifying journey as you strive to conquer the course and reign supreme as the ultimate motorcycle master!
  • Up / W / Left Click: Accelerate / Rotate

Up / W / Left Click: Accelerate / Rotate