Bloons TD 6 - Scratch Edition

Bloons TD 6 - Scratch Edition
Bloons TD 6 - Scratch Edition is a creative reimagining of the popular Bloons TD 6 game by NinjaWiki, recreated on the MIT Scratch platform by a developer named CooLeviX. This version retains all the balloon-popping excitement and strategic complexity of the original, tailored to be accessible and engaging for Scratch users.

In this Scratch adaptation, players can enjoy the same immersive gameplay, which involves deploying various defensive units to pop waves of balloons navigating the map. Each level offers unique challenges and requires players to think critically and plan the placement of monkeys and defensive tools to stop the balloons.

The main goal is to strategically position monkeys, weapons, and tools along the path to intercept and pop the balloons. Successful defense demands careful planning and quick adjustments, as different balloon types require specific strategies to defeat. Stay alert and ensure no balloon slips past your defenses, as allowing even one to escape results in a loss.
  • Mouse: Play

Mouse: Play